can i use plastic under my back porch

our grass is rather invasive but i have not seen growing back. i've thought about . we decided to have shrubs around the house and use rocks at their base with the fabric under the rocks. is this wrong? . will my plan work, and what kind of landscaping plastic do i need as a base for the gravel? please .

under decksback porchesscreened porchescountry porcheslivegardensguardrailsstairsmy project. screened porch skirt horizontal wood with brick piers. same look of .

under the deck storage ideas from the experts at diy network . the deck storage ideas. it's a big, empty space put it to good use with these smart under-the-deck storage ideas . you can make your own system using corrugated plastic or fiberglass roofing panels that you attach under the joists. you'll need to slope .

does your outdoor deck smell? we help you . every time you open the back door, you're greeted with a blast of something that just outright stinks. before . if there's room to move, you may have to shimmy under the deck to reach it or use a long-handled tool (something that could grab would be ideal).

if you have a high deck that is open on one end, you will want to take the time to landscape while you cover the areas under your deck. you can use either the treated dirt method or the plastic method to cover under your deck, but instead of simply putting dirt down on top of it, lay down landscaping rocks, .

can elevate the traditional farmhouse porch into a vibrant place to relax with a cold beverage, watching the sun go down on a warm . decorator cindy smith of circa interiors, charlotte, nc, used purple accents in addition to wood, metal, and stone to create a refined, rustic back porch design.

use sheets of plastic or leave uncovered earth below your deck, water can pool up, providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. adding a layer of gravel prevents ponding and controls the flow of water to ensure proper drainage. this not only keeps bugs and mud at bay, but also reduces .

plastic bags half-filled with water and containing a few pennies might seem like odd outdoor decor if you've never encountered them before. yet you can see these contraptions all over the american south, from barbecue restaurants to your neighbor's back porch. but what are they for? read on to find out.

will never be the same now. it will be even better. without those annoying flies around, i'll be able to sit back, relax, and truly enjoy my favorite season of the year . hang the bag on your porch or from a nearby tree to keep the pesky flies away . mix thoroughly and use the mixture to fill little jars or tins. place the .

will find everything you need to get started including a deck calculator to assist you in calculating your project with Seven Trust pricing, along with a variety of deck ideas. we can also show you how to use the area under the deck as a covered patio with our under deck ceiling systems, creating a .

patio is not square but you will use square pavers, you will need to estimate the square footage. another . if a paver is too low, don't be afraid to pull it up, put some more sand under it, and put it back in place. it's easier to . patio edging comes in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

find the materials you need to screen in your porch with screen tight at the Seven Trust: this video is a step-by-step . is too lose it will give enough slack to pull it tighter just grab the screen under the spline section that was left in tacked, start tugging it back down out while .

porches are built over wood framing typically pressure-treated 2x material but a base of stone, brick, or concrete can also be used. plastic lumber reinforced with fiberglass also has several disadvantages it's heavy, expensive, and over time it can sag under a load, a phenomenon called creep.

use of fabric point out that its biodegradability makes it only a short-term solution to weeds. further, nonporous and even porous plastic fabric can interfere severely with water drainage, making pavers slippery and washing away supporting sand. a further objection to the use of landscape .

under my deck with plastic underneath it. my original idea was to make sure no water build up around my foundation wall at the back of the house. i now felt i might worried too much and did the wrong thing. more detail is here with photo: .

use, installation, and inspection of vapor barriers used under concrete . the original concrete mixture (and, some argue, create more potential for water reserves that could then absorb back into the slab to create adverse conditions).

i will be using mulch in the areas, but wanted to be low maintence and stop those weeds. is the plastic alright when . in my last house i put down black plastic and covered it with rocks - more than one layer. after a few years . can i use th screen as landscape fabric under a paver patio i am planning to do.