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wood composite manufacturers, and the plastics industry have studied important synthetic-deck board and other composite lumber properties durability including the structural strength, fire resistance, weathering, color fading, and other .

decking materials, made partially or entirely of plastic, deter insects and won't rot, which results in a lifespan two to three times that of wood decks. in addition, beaudry emphasizes that most composite and pvc decks offer lengthy, extended warranties to further guarantee the life of the deck. synthetic decking .

lumber - plastic timber - uk plastic wood - plastic wood profiles - synthetic wood. recycled plastic wood - styrene. kedel's recycled mixed plastic lumber and synthetic wood, are not plastic wood composites or recycled composite profiles (rcp), which can contain sawdust and other non-plastic .

synthetic decking is relatively new, the jury is still out on how it holds up over time. we have seen wood decks easily last 40+ years, but we can't yet say the same for synthetics. synthetics do tend to be nearly 2 times heavier than wood, but we have also seen wood plastic composites become more .