maintenance free decking material

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composite decking material uses a combination of plastic and wood fibers. the newer technologies come in a .

vinyl decking is made from the same polyvinyl chloride a type of plastic as vinyl siding, however, since it's installed in a horizontal application as opposed to vertical, the planks need to be thicker than vinyl siding. as can be assumed, this added material need drives up the cost. and while you don't have .

composite decking on the market in our opinion is trex transcends . first were the shortages in material availability, then we realized their l.e.d. deck lights are cheap chinese crap (we refuse to install them now and still get call backs regularly to replace the .

material also reduces manufacturing costs. in general, composite decking materials are dimensionally stable, resistant to the elements, and can be worked and installed more or less like wood decking. special screws designed for composite decking leave a clean hole without dimpling around the screw head.