use nails on a deck

don't get caught with your pants down. find out if you should use nails or screws when you build your new deck!

use 10d or 16d common, spiral, or ringshank nails or decking screws in 2x stock, 8d or 10d box or ringshank nails or shorter deck screws in thinner stock. attach framing hardware with the fasteners supplied by the manufacturer, 16d nails, or 3-inch deck screws. check with your building inspectorsome codes .

in this video, i show you an example of the benefits of using screws instead of nails when building a deck. many people are on the fence when it comes to the.

dan troxel, decks and design by dan, kansas city, kan. our typical decking is 2x6 cedar or redwood, says troxel. we use triple-dipped hot-galvanized 3 1/4-inch ring-shank nails set 1/8 inch below the surface. we have never had a nail pop up in 18 years. besides the holding power, this is a very fast .

technically when using joist hangers, a specific kind of hardened galvanized nails are supposed to be used. this is because regular deck screws probably don't have the necessary shear strength. for a deck though, i've used screws before without any problem. although if you were planning to put a lot of .

nails screws for wood framing, structural fasteners, screws, nails, bolts, hidden fasteners used for wood frame construction, including deck porch construction choices of deck nails, screws, coated fasteners, and hidden fasteners for deck floor, railing, joist hanger, and other construction connectors using drywall .

nails are the most commonly used nail for deck construction. they offer decent corrosion resistance and are economically priced. stainless steel nails offer greater rust resistance and less discoloration in woods such as cedar but at a considerably greater cost. there are also aluminum deck nails but .

use the proper number and size nails to create a solid member. a 2x10 beam should use a minimum of (4) - 3 nails fastened in a vertical pattern from both sides of the beam every 16 on center. be on the safe side when in doubt .

nail to a hardware store. find a deck screw that is slightly wider than the nails used on your deck. this will ensure that the screw connects tightly and doesn't just slip into the hole. purchase a box of the deck screws.

this is the perfect example of why you should pay a contractor more to use galvanized or stainless deck screws on a deck project. you hear about decks collap.

used to be a minor cost in the large scheme of building a deck. buried beneath the price of concrete footings, framing lum- ber, top-notch planks, and a high-quality stain or sealer, galvanized nails were the standard choice, almost an afterthought. with the average deck costing several thousand dollars, a few boxes .

deck boards. the current deck boards are adhered with nails. considering midwest weather changes, should i use nails, rather than screws, when replacing the boards to allow for better expansion/contraction?