cost to tear off old deck boards 2013

my deck is not that old, only 6 years, but it's starting to show wear and tear. the kids have . that board is barely together, just laying there and about to break off. cracks . many builder's tend to use the least expensive decking boards, which are loaded with knots and shorten the life and quality of the deck.

deck boards and deck railing was all that was needed. following this deck . at a fraction of the cost, our craftsmen were able to quickly tear off the old deck boards and install new boards and railing. the deck looks .

decking, rails and stairs, and save tons of money over the cost of a complete rebuild. in this story, we'll show you how to . before you tear off the stairs, drive a stake nearby or suspend a board from the deck and mark the bottom few tread heights (photo 2). save the stair stringer (the .

i have asked continually to be shipped pre-grooved trex decking boards. first off, the deck boards have a slightly concave profile, which cups water, morning dew, etc. my only option is to replace the entire old decking at a cost of $8,132 (original deck is 950 sq. ft. deck x $8 sq. ft. plus sales tax).

price comparison . vanessa brunner july 18, 2013 . "manufacturing costs are very low, versus a composite decking board that might take a lot of time to make, so it tends to be about twice as much." this photo: pine decking.

existing deck has localized problems which don't affect the support beams -- like a few rotten deck boards, aging steps, wobbly railings and loose nails -- all that may be needed are a few repairs, rather than replacing the entire deck. typical costs: do-it-yourself supplies for deck repairs can cost $10-$50 for simple .

cost estimator. dollars and cents materials. and labor costs for home. repairs and alterations. 2013. the data contained in this manual has been researched for the following area.roof covering. 64. 10. exterior trim, porch, deck. 68. 11 . board, drywall nails, corner beads, tape, joint compound, and even sandpaper.

price is always a tough question, says bryan miller, president of outback deck in woodstock, georgia. for instance, if a homeowner merely wants new connectors and deck boards on a 12-by-15 foot wood deck, that might be a $3,000 to $4,000 gig. tear the whole thing downdemo, dumpster rental, .

now their roof looks like a painting of a 3 year old. in fact, because most contractors compete on price, cutting corners has become the norm. for years, the industry has been torn to shreds by uninsured crews hiring illegal labor, with very little expenses. for honest, licensed and insured roofers, who build a .

subtracting the cost of replacing the damaged siding and subtracting the cost to demolish and haul off the old deck, the cost to add on a 14 x 18 . once he started pulling the composite boards up he found things wrong with the joists so we ended up having him tear the entire deck down and he .

my friend and i are tearing down an old wooden deck 12×16 and we are going to rebuild 14×18 with composite decking and with these works what i charge for labor . how much do you charge to build a 8 x 12 deck with a 4 step down off of one side with hand railing and wrapped with letters at the bottom.

deck boards you use will also factor into your overall cost. editor's note: this is an updated version of an article that originally posted may 2, 2013.

cost guide surveys homeowners to reveal the average price for repairing a deck, replacing deck boards and fixing deck railings . when your contractor inspects your deck, he or she will be able to tell you if it can be repaired or if you need to tear it out and start over. here are some cost factors .

costs. apply for a building permit. purchase tools and materials. have the city mark off underground utilities. grade land if necessary. dig holes and cement posts or pour a slab. build deck, rails, and stairs. add lighting, accessories, furniture, and plants. enjoy your new .

according to the north american deck and railing association, more than 40 million decks are over 20 years old. you have to wonder how well those decks were constructed before model building codes ramped up minimum standards, not to mention the wear and tear nature inflicts on a deck year after .