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alternative to railings. tip: it's standard that a deck 30 inches or more above grade level must have a railing at least 36 inches tall.

railing to its customers. our low maintenance, attractive and durable vinyl products are the perfect compliment to your home. quality vinyl products from a2w will increase the beauty of your home and the value of your property!

alternative porch railings | some good ideas for homeowners of the best deck railing designs.

railing system that is designed for people who want something superior. this is how a traditional san francisco cable rails compare to one of our modern deck rails. cable railings are often presented as being invisible and sleek but the fact is our deck railing has .

if your old stair rail is falling apart or you just don't like the look of it, a more unusual alternative may be just what you're seeking. although basic wooden and metal stair rails are .

with all of the options available these days, why choose challenging wood? instead, check out the best alternatives to wood railings, which we've compiled.

alternatives and why we do not manufacturer or sell steel palisade fencing.

railing options can be. well, that's why i'm bringing you this list of deck railing alternatives. some of them are diy .

railing, one of our customers went searching for an alternative diy railing solution.

ipe. although western red cedar is the exterior wood for which we are best known, our stock of beautiful ipe decking material has turned a lot of heads since we began carrying it 5 years ago. ipe, as a decking wood is next to perfect. this beautiful exotic species from south america is hard, strong, and naturally resistant to .

typical wood deck railings are 4x4 posts, 2x4 rails, 2x2 balusters and a 2x6 railing cap on top. wood railing is chunky but it needs to be to prevent people falling through it in the event of a accident. it is not just leaning that is the concern but 1 or 2 200+ lb people failing into the weakest spot (middle of the .

alternatives, such as trex, aeratis and rdi provide years of low maintenance products, even down to trim and lighting features. mrd also carries products specifically for .

the growth outlook is good for manufactured decking and railing, but managing the product increase could be a challenge.

if you're looking for a wrought iron railing alternative, steel works very well, but don't bother unless your steel railing has a great coating.