high quailty wpc highway noise barriers

a 2010 survey by the federal highway administration counted 2,748 linear miles of noise barriers built along highways in the u.s. but how do these walls . difficulty concentrating, and a reduced efficiency at completing tasks, as well as physical problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, and fatigue.

fence system offers a wide array of application options for counteracting traffic noise, as well as construction and industrial noise. thanks to its high durability and high resistance under any weather conditions, it not only increases the value of real estate, but also the quality of life of residents.

barriers can be formed from earth mounds or "berms" along the road, from high, vertical walls, or from a combination of earth berms and walls. earth berms have a very natural appearance and are usually attractive. they also reduce noise by approximately 3 db more than vertical walls of the same height.

highways england will install new noise reducing barriers at eight locations along the m40 between loudwater (near junction 3 of the motorway) and stokenchurch (near junction 5) in buckinghamshire. the plans are now available online, and a public event will be held on 30 june in high wycombe.

noise barriers. guidelines on. design of. noise barriers. environmental protection department. highways department. government of the hong kong sar. second issue, january 2003 . cost effectiveness, but where a high quality finish is already required, the additional cost of similar absorbent panels may not be .