composite decking in winter

a number of our clients ask us just when is the best time to build a new composite deck? you may think that the best time to build a deck is the spring, but the truth is, the best time to consider building a new deck may be in the winter. the best way to explain the reasoning behind a winter deck construction is .

winter is hard on a deck, and in wisconsin, heavy snow and temperature swings take a big toll . after a few recent trips back to the state, in which i helped some old friends with their decking projects, i've found that the new generation of fully-capped bamboo composite decking is an excellent choice when .

'tis the season for many parts of the country to battle snowfall and frigid temperatures. if the fluffy white stuff is in your region's winter forecast, be sure to check out these snow removal and clean up tips for composite and pvc decks. being prepared before the storm hits will help prevent damage and .

winter season: composite decking material, aluminum, and galvanized steel. while pressure treated lumber is a popular choice for .

and so is composite decking, which is composed of wood and plastic. the newer pvc decking (azek, timbertech xlm, fiberon horizon, etc) is scratch resistant and will survive a plastic shovel. note that the manufacturers here do not claim their decking is scratch proof, so some care is still needed. 5.

trex, decks, snow removal, care and cleaning. to remove snow from trex transcend, enhance and select decks, a plastic shovel is preferred over metal. calcium chloride or rock . follow these simple steps this winter and your trex deck will maintain its beauty throughout every season. (catch all the .

protect your wooden deck this winter with some simple winter deck maintenance tips. "winterizing" a wooden deck prolongs it's lifespan.

composite decks. with winter upon us and snow and ice everywhere you should be aware how to properly remove snow and ice from a pvc or composite deck. snow and ice removal on composite decks. many people go to the hardware store and buy anything in a bag that claims to melt snow .

4 tips to prevent slips and falls on your deck this winter. composite deck. even though you might get the most use out of your outdoor decking when the weather is warm, your family probably uses your steps and deck all year long. one thing that you might be concerned about is slipping and falling on .

winter deck care a guide for your composite deck. a well-maintained deck adds significant value to your home but upkeep can be difficult during the winter months. here are some tips on winter deck care and what to avoid to keep your deck looking great through the winter months! coming into winter, sweep up leaves .

deck boards are composite or lumber, your structure's foundation will be made of pressure treated wood. and with the winter weather, the wood will be able to stabilize and dry more consistently. the lower humidity (especially compared to summertime in indiana) can really help the structure settle properly.

composite decking needs to be cleaned periodically with a scrub brush and an off-the-shelf deck cleaner or a detergent that contains bleach. "composites are not no-maintenance decks; they're low-maintenance decks," says randall firmin, regional sales manager for uspl, which makes both composite and .

deck looking the worse for wear? if the structure is sound, why not undertake a winter makeover with long-lasting and low-maintenance decking composite.

when a winter storm hits and snow piles up on your deck, do you know what you're supposed to do? snow and ice can make your yard treacherous, and for many homeowners, it's best to remove them. unfortunately, improper snow removal can seriously damage any deck, whether it's wood or composite, .