12x12 decking floor temporary

12x12") floor decking for outdoor use. may be combined with other colors of runnen floor decking. the floor decking is suitable for hard, even surfaces, like concrete, stone and wood. wood contains tannic acid which, after a time, can leak out and discolor the sub-floor. never lay wooden decking on a .

depending on how long you want to use the easy pallet deck, put more or less work into this step. we wanted our deck to be temporary so we simply cleaned up the space and levelled it without using any sand or gravel. this way the garden soil in this area stayed intact and if we decide, down the road, that .

12x12 dance is perfect for events such as weddings and more. accommodates as many as 16 couples dancing.

decking system to be portable and temporary -- as well as strong enough to be installed permanently. our starter kit is delivered directly to your driveway and includes everything needed to transform your unique outdoor space into a personalized comfortable area to enjoy with friends and family for .

flooring . click here to purchase 12x12 wood deck tiles $17.00/each from www.beyondtile . ikea sells snap-in wood flooring just like this. perfect for the side of house - lined by low, grassy plants to divide this from the gravel area with slate pathway.