laying interlock deck tiles on soil

installing a decking tile patio: uk gardening tips and advice from , the uk's leading online garden furniture store and resource for gardeners. our garden articles tell you all . they can be laid over existing concrete, and some are flexible enough to be laid on grass or over uneven ground. always follow the .

a complete diy guide to constructing and installing timber decks and decking. raised decks, wooden . deck tiles can make it easier to create interesting patterns in the deck. fascia boards boards used to . the gaps in the deck. lay the membrane over soil and cover with a layer of gravel to protect it.

interlocking deck tiles. you just need a firm, even base such as concrete, bricks or asphalt. whilst it's certainly possible to lay the tiles over gravel, crushed stones etc. its best to avoid a base of fine sand as the .

to lay a paver patio in your yard, from choosing the right pavers to laying and filling joints with sand . like the one used for laying floor tile? thanks tracy . (interlocking concrete paver institute) is the only guidelines that need to be followed. paul.

installing an interlocking concrete paver system, 90 percent of the work involves preparation of the subsurface. you will . to lay an adequate amount of crushed aggregate stone base, bedding sand and pavers, excavate the site well below the desired surface height of the project to allow for the base and sand layers.

decking . what is the best ground to lay the tiles onto? do you come to fix the tiles for me? is there anything else i . the plastic base uses a male/female interlocking system which click together. the installation is done with .

ground and install new patio pavers.