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horizontal gate. this transformation was much faster than the other gate. we are experts at building gates by now. i reused the same boards, only flipped over to the unstained side, but we quickly discovered that they were 1/2 inch wider than the fence slats. so i had to rip them down to the right size. 5 1/2 inches.

fence, modern fence design and modern fence . elegane modern design ewith vertical garden design wooden fence with green grass and living area with soft lighting design lift up tight privacy by . fence contractors san diego: building a modern style horizontal fence.

this flip was all about testing out a few new things i've been wanting to try gray cabinets, a sleek fireplace mantle, an aqua front door . and a modern, horizontal cedar fence. bam. finished photos. i love it. granted, any new fence would have been an improvement over the sad, chain link fence we .

slate, planting beds and horizontal fencing help create an urban delight.

in typical obsessive, control-issue fashion, i wanted to design and build them myself, and i've always loved the modern horizontal designs. finally, i wanted them to complement the pool security fence, so off to the internet i went in search for inspiration. once we found similar designs that we liked, i went .

building a horizontal plank fence. pallet fencediy fencebackyard fencesbackyard privacyprivacy fencesgarden fencesback yard privacy ideasyard fencingfenced yard. privacy fence horizontal fence = i think i like this idea better! this would be so cool with some interspersed pallets full of succulents.

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seriously, who knew a fence could be so exciting?! hi sugarplum | horizontal fence. i was at work during most of the building, but i did snap a few progress pics to give you an idea of how it was constructed. we used 1×6-inch cedar boards, with posts spaced 6-feet apart. we wanted it 8-feet tall, but our lot .

how-to guide for building a gorgeous, modern good neighbor fence yourself, making it look consistent down the length and the same on both sides . the other variation of this one is to put the horizontal 2x4's all on one neighbor side and the "clean" side toward the other neighbor (violates #5). example .

the famous modern architect, frank lloyd wright, used horizontal lines to form a relationship between his buildings and the landscape. fencing is simply another extension of your home's architecture. choosing to build a horizontal fence over a more traditional design, will give your house unique curb .

part ii of our series on the step-by-step process to build a beautiful and functional mid-century modern fence using these diy steps . 2014 by trish mahoney. trish. we knew we wanted to do a fence with horizontal slats, and because of the style of our midcentury modern house. - trish mahoney .

a horizontal fence is a popular choice for modern style homes and landscapes. the boards are attached horizontally for a stylish look. this video will show y.

build a horizontal fence with your own hands.

how to build a slatted fence. we, of course, considered installing a standard style fence but wanted something slightly more contemporary looking. in an ideal world, we would have loved to install a slatted cedar fence, which we think are gorgeous but, because we needed about 15m fencing, would have .

this a diy fence done like a pro. this fence was constructed with individual pickets and deck mate screws the process took a while but it was well worth the .