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learn how to repair cracks, remove stains, and renovate your concrete pool deck to impress your pool party guests this year . your guests will lounge around the furniture on your deck and walk across its surfaces as they enjoy a swim or even a nice dinner party out by the pool. how to make your .

maintaining the concrete deck can become part of a monthly plan, as some of the materials causing the stains may run off into the pool during heavy rains. cleaning the . back to life . cleaning the concrete around the pool takes time . in this manner, pre-wet and pre-soap the area you're cleaning next.

concrete pool deck, being sure not to step in it. let it cure according to the time recommended on the label. this can be as long as 24 hours, so make sure you leave enough time before the next predicted rain to get the deck completely painted and sealed.

pavers that have been properly cleaned, sealed and maintained are much safer and more inviting than concrete or brick paving stones that are dirty or covered in mold. so, how do you take steps to ensure that your pool deck will impress all of your invited guests? consider all the basics of proper pool deck .

concrete must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or other contaminants before applying valspar concrete coatings. concrete that has been previously sealed or that contains excess moisture cannot be coated. to ensure your concrete is able to accept a coating, we .

pressure washing concrete brick teak furn before video.

resurfacing the concrete is the fastest way to create a whole new look around the pool. there are several ways to resurface a concrete pool deck, stain it, or use paint coatings or cement coatings. painted pool decks are an easy way to give your pool deck a makeover. begin by pressure washing the pool .

you've cleaned your pool, but what about your pool deck? take care . if you're unclear on the proper way to clean a concrete pool deck, you'll be pleased to learn that the process is simpler than you may think. with some . make sure to soak the mop so that you have plenty of cleanser to spread around.

when cleaning around the pool you want to make sure that you minimize the amount of your water getting into the pool. don't want to leave the customer with a task of having to clean the pool because you got dirty water in their pool. so here are a couple tips on how to minimize that from happening.

it also keeps water from getting into tiny fissures and freezing during winter. pool-deck-sealants - image purchased - thinkstock no matter if you have plain 'ol gray concrete, exposed aggregate, colored stampcrete, pavers or natural stone around the pool, easily keep it looking new seal it! sealing a pool .

concrete is still structurally sound, there are several options you can take to repair your pool deck and prevent it from being an eyesore. depending on the . for the best results, you'll need to remove all unsound concrete and fill in noticeable cracks before completing the repair. if your pool deck is not sloped .

today we cleaned the concrete around the pool. it was really built up with grim from standing water. we hope to have this all cleaned before it opens.

i have a concrete pool which is in great shape, however the decking around it is concrete and over the years it has been painted; first turquoise ! then dark grey, then light grey. now it's starting to bubble and peel off in places all around the pool. do you have any advice for me? will a pressure washer work, .

concrete patio around our pool. we just purchased wet forget to use on the patio and have read the application instructions. my question is after we apply it and let it dry will we be able to walk barefoot on the patio when we come out of the pool with wet feet? if not how many days do we have to wait?

if the area around your pool is made of concrete, the fall is a great time to give it a good wash after you have closed your pool. a good pressure washer is all you will need to clean off the swimming seasons dirt and grime. first, sweep the entire area thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and debris such as .

the hardscape area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking, even though it isn't always made of wood or composite, like traditional . certain types of architecture, like mid-century modern and contemporary, call for the clean, uncomplicated lines and even surface of concrete.

clean concreteconcrete backyardcleaning concrete patioscleaning patio furnitureconcrete patio stainstained concretecleaning hackscleaning suppliespool cleaning tips. you may not think of it as a no-maintenance wonder, but your concrete patio probably comes close. easier to clean and maintain than a deck, .

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