price of lumber in thailand

united states totaled more than $29 million while imports of softwood and treated lumber totaled more . export-oriented thai wood furniture manufacturers continue to seek alternative hardwood materials to keep up with demand from high-end furniture consumers and avoid para-rubber wood price.

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analysts report several price changes reflecting variation in the size of the logs shipped. mexico has joined the ranks of . thailand logs, 511-700. togo logs, 354-590 . for locally sawn hardwoods. despite the otherwise gloomy prospects in the sawnwood market some price increases have been reported.

prices/m for teak sawnwood are: thailand, board, plank us$1,273, and us$1,634; myanmar, board, plank, deck, us$1,643, us$1,482, and us$1,993 respectively. the future market is large and there is no problem of selling teak logs or lumber. market demand is seen in: boat building; teak furniture .

buy anything to build a house was at the local "lumber yard". now these are Seven Trust, mostly, in the usa. in ban pae there is .

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price: 0.00thai baht ex tax: 0.00thai baht. qty: - or -. add to wish list add to compare. description. we are a manufacturer of fine contemporary furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, built in cabinets, flooring . we offer air dried, kiln-dried reclaimed lumber in standard dimensions or custom cut to your specifications on-site.

thailand, by contrast, has banned the export of logs but has apparently classified rubberwood as 'vegetable' to facilitate exports to china. american . recent months have seen reported shortages of oak sawn lumber and rising prices which have not been matched by most other competing hardwoods. the strong .

lumber exports were banned in 1991. wood production has declined from 1,820,000 m in 1983 to 65,000 m in 1993. thailand imported 630,000 m in 1983, rising to 3,211,000 m in 1993. production of .

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thailand is the world's second largest exporter of gypsum after canada, even though government policy limits gypsum exports to prevent price cutting. solid, heavy, strong and durable, it comes from a tree native to asia that grows quickly at first but needs around 50 years to mature before it can be harvested for lumber.

thailand timber lumber forestry panel products roundwood veneers hardwood - trade with thailand thailand is a source of timber, lumber, and forest products. thailand logs, thailand panels, thailand boards, thailand timber and thailand wood doors and thailand timber windows, .

the people who hire them, the financiers, are thai. the lumber is sent to cambodia, then vietnam, then ultimately to china. $17,000. price per tonne paid for 'red timber' last year. rosewood and other luxury timbers have become a metaphor for a rapacious age in southeast asia. from gems to water, .

i was thinking in terms of framing a house, (or at least the upstairs) but as i am learning more about building techniques and what is available in thailand, this does not look like a viable option. in the us as you might know, there is a lot of wood available at reasonable prices, i guess do to the fact that we .

thailand. bangsai group. description: a fully integrated group of wooden products manufacturer, importer and .

a single ornately carved bed can cost a cool $1 million in plush shanghai showrooms, meaning the potential profits are tantalizing for impoverished loggers, as well as the traffickers who spirit the lumber across porous frontiers. however, voracious chinese demand also means that siamese rosewood is .

there is very good aged lumber comming out of kambodia and lao . but it goes stright to china and japan. because of crazy thai import laws. smuggling it form kambodia use to be a very profitable business (its mostly harvested form the bottom of dams) so now option be you want new wood , so where to buy .

lumber and log supplier to thailand. tenco have an office in bangkok. thailand is a market where business and relationships are particularly complex. tenco's bangkok staff are all thai nationals. it has been tenco's long term commitment (since 1990) with local expert staff which has .