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BeatO Offer & Discounts || Best Sugat Testing App BeatO

We all know that self-checking of blood glucose has never been simple. In any case, with the assistance of advanced innovation, it is an achievable and more available marvel considering how you can self-screen your blood.

The best thing about this meter is that it will transform your Smartphone into a convenient blood glucose board device. It works successfully and in a perfect world with the iPhone and Android too. To know it all exhaustively, make a point to adhere to this page till the end. There are colossal benefits of utilizing Beato for self-observing purposes.

Estimating blood glucose levels whenever anyplace is presently conceivable with BeatO’s minimized smartphone glucometer. This not just permits you to roll out important improvements in your eating routine and way of life yet, helps your PCP in checking your prescription.

What is BeatO? 

BeatO is a gadget that changes over your smartphone into a glucometer. It tends to be associated with your smartphone by embeddings the gadget into the 3.5 mm jack of the smartphone and for smartphones without a jack, type C cable can be utilized.

What is BeatO Smartphone Glucometer?

This glucometer resembles a smartphone battery with a round shape sound jack join to the lower side. It frames an association between the glucometer and your smartphone. It can work consistently with Android gadgets and iPhones. The BeatO Smartphone Glucometer gives ± 15% precision contrasted with the lab test.

That implies your perusing can fluctuate by 20 to 30 focuses (roughly). All the while, there are not many other glucometers accessible in the market that have preferred precision over BeatO Glucometer. Thus, as far as the exactness of the glucose test, this BeatO Smartphone Glucometer slacks. The item is CE confirmed, hence guaranteeing you that it is sufficiently protected to be utilized for self-observing purposes.

Key Features: 

  • Reduced, simple to convey and interfaces with your smartphone through the 3.5 mm sound jack.
  • Works consistently with Android gadgets and iPhones.
  • Clinically supported precision. Glucometer is CE and ISO Certified.
  • Works with include rich BeatO App. See patterns and investigation through straightforward charts to comprehend your body better.
  • Constant checking of your readings by our group of diabetes specialists, who then, at that point guide you to better wellbeing decisions.
  • Automatic ready framework to keep notable individuals educated when your perusing is high or low. You can pick your family, specialist or companions or all by means of the BeatO App.

Benefits of BeatO?

However there are many advantages which you can without much of a stretch benefit yourself of with the utilization of the BeatO Glucometer, the best thing about Glucometer is that it permits the clients to screen their glucose levels and to monitor any variances.

User friendly:

BeatO Glucometer is easy to understand, and it will upgrade the similarity of self-observing. This limits the patterns which are dismissed. The best thing to know is that it create with the most recent innovation. It isn’t only a gadget, yet it likewise gives free admittance to the components of the rich application, which effortlessly utilize on the Smartphone.

Trustworthy and certified:

The best thing about this sugar level perusing is that it gives simple to-utilize provisions, and it is agreeable to convey as the convenient Glucometer observes the standard convention. It additionally CE-affirmed to offer you exact outcomes anyplace and whenever too. It is CE and ISO ensured, and it likewise follows the fundamental convention for exactness.

 Less painful:

It is made with profoundly superfine round focuses to guarantee a less excruciating prick. This Glucometer is unequivocally viable, and it additionally requires a nearly negligible measure of blood test to screen glucose levels.


Basically BeatO Glucometer arrives in a pocket-sized, making it simpler for individuals to convey to a great extent. You might need to hold a particular convey sack to contain and keep up with the meter to screen your glucose levels.

How to Use This device:

This Device is used 4 steps.

  1.  Connect the device to your smartphone using the 3.5 mm jack
  2.  Insert the strip
  3. Put blood sample on the strip
  4. BG logged automatically on the BeatO app.

Discount on BeatO:

If we talk about the BeatO, this site mostly gives a Glucometer pack to check diabetes and blood glucose levels. At the point when you visit their site, you will see numerous items identified with diabetes and meters for your wellbeing and body exam. These are the well-known brands which likewise give offers.

It probably won’t be feasible to bring in cash at the MRP, yet you can like to get explicit items or administrations with restrictive limits and offers. You can discover incredible arrangements on our website to get the necessary items at a sensible cost.

How to avail cashback from the

After buying the item, we will follow your exchange number within 6 hours. Then, we will start the means of giving you an extraordinary markdown on each buy. You will procure cashback as the prize in your enrolled represent the arrangement you chose before the buy. Following 90 days, you can without much of a stretch pull out your credited cash. You can benefit from the cashback up to Rs 112.

BeatO – Frequently Asked Questioned

1. Is the BeatO glucometer accurate?

Yes. To the extent the perusing is exact, it expose to the very tears that all Glucometers are. At times they show some changeability, and it not considered exact.

2. Is the Glucometer as accurate as a normal glucometer?

Yes. You don’t have to question the accuracy of the Glucometer readings. It is a certified device that ensures accurate readings of your blood sugar level. This device built-in technology and it is tested as well.

3. What is the warranty period?

You can so avail of the warranty. Mainly the warranty comes with a maximum of 1 year but, sometimes it also depends on the product.

BeatO Offer & Discounts – Conclusion

BeatO glucometer is exceptionally direct to utilize however disapproves of precision.If you have a solid net association, this application moves along as planned. Additionally, this application is easy to understand and examinations blood glucose without any problem. Accordingly in addition to point of this model is that it informs your nearer ones as to whether you have any undesirable test outcomes.

Hence, assuming you need to have a go at something creative and have a limited spending plan, BeatO Smartphone glucometer can be the ideal decision.

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