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Free Samples in India || Freebies Promocode in 2021

Hello guys, we are back with a new article on Free Samples in India. Nothing is more exciting than to get something for FREE. We are here to inform you about Free Sample In India Deals That Really Amazing. Food, Cleaner, Books, Flag, etc. From This Offer, you Can Order Free samples at Your Doorstep. Free Sample Means Absolutely 0 Cost Deal.

In this article, we inform yoU about free samples in India.

A lot of the Indian brands or organization offers free samples as a feature of their item advancement.  Best free samples products are given away by companies to promote their products. But, few Indian organizations additionally give an example of their items to clients. They are actually giving a free example to their client for testing purposes.

If the client loves their items, they request the real item from their organization site or different websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and a couple more. Here’s some useful stuff that you can get absolutely free.

 How to Order Free sample in India?

Here are some steps which you need to follow in order to get the free sample in India.

  1.  Go to the Offer link or Dial the number mentioned with each offer given.
  2.  Click on register now or fill a form or call on a number if asked.
  3. Give the answers all of the Questions (optional).
  4. Enter your details, address, and some other things.
  5. Click on submit; within a few days, you will receive a free sample

Free Samples in India

1. Get Free Sample from Eurekalabs

  • Go to Eurekalabs Offer Page.
  • Create an account on Eureka labs.
  • Select any item & Click on Buy Now.
  • Now, enter your delivery address, you will receive your free sample within a few days

2. Get Shrimad Bhagavad Gita For Free

  • Go to the Yathathgeeta Offer Page.
  • Enter your name, email address, address, and other details.
  • Click the proceed button to complete your order.
  • Done.

3. Get Herbal Hair Oil For Free

  • Go to Rubodex sample offer page.
  • Click Buy Now option.
  • Complete your shipping details.
  • Make your payment with online mode.
  • Though it is a sample product, you have to pay shipping charges.

4. Get Free Sample of Dry Fruits Items

  • Go to Dryfruits offer page.
  • Fill all the informations like email address, mobile number, and address etc.
  • Place your Order.
  • You can request free sample for only once.

5. Get a Free Sample of Zandu Supplement

  • Go to Momjunction offer page.
  • Fill the all informations of the form.
  • Click on Submit & Proceed.
  • Place your order.

6.  Get a Free Sample of Real Fruit Juice

  • Go to Dabur Offer Page.
  • Scroll down on the page and then click on try now.
  • Then click on Trial Now.
  • When a pop-up will arrive, enter your all equired details.
  • Then Click on Sign up option.
  • If you are lucky, then you can get your free sample.

7. Get a Free Sample of Colgate Vedshakti Toothpaste

  • At First dial 7095400000 from your mobile, then you will get call back.
  • Give them some answers.
  • Then Colgate Represntative will call you.
  • Tell them your address and shipping details.
  • This offer is valid in selected cities like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, and Kerala.

8. Get Free Contact Lenses

  • Go to Bausch and Lomb offer page.
  • Enter your email and mobile number, verify your mobile number.
  • Fill your details of eye power.
  • Select the delivery address and click on proceed.
  • Place your order.

9. Get a Free Sample of Dabur Almond Shampoo

  • Go to Mybeautynaturally Offer page.
  • Fill up your all details.
  • Click on Get a sample Now.
  • Pace your order.

10. Get Free Sample of Covcare Product 

  • Visit Covacare offer page.
  • Enter your all details.
  • After verifying your details, you will get free sample products.

11. Get Free Popcorn Sample

  • Visit appleseedfood offer page.
  • Put Your Location Details.
  • Then Put Contest Name.
  • Submit all Details.
  • Get  Free Sample product.

12. Get a Free Sample of Odonil Room Freshener

  • Go to Dabur Odonil Free smaple Offer page
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Click on Sign Up option
  • Lucky winners can win free samples.

13. Get a Free Sample of Paper Foil 

  • Go to Milkbasket offer page.
  • Search Uniwraps in the search bar.
  • Click on “Oddy Uniwraps A4 Size Paper Foil (Free Sample).
  • Create an account on Milkbasket.
  • Colplete your order.
  • This is order is only eligable on Gurgaon.

14. Get a Free Sample of Huggies

  • Go to Huggies offer page.
  • Place order your sample product.
  • The samples are only for Newborn and Small sizes.

15. Get Free Sample of Cat Food 

  • Go to Whiskas offer page.
  • Enter all infoRmations like name, address etc
  • After verifying your details, you will get ypur sample products.

16. Get Free Drools Dog Food

  • Go to Drool offer page.
  • Fill up your details.
  • Click on Submit & proceed.
  • Place ypur order.

17. Get Free Prevent Hangover Sample for You

  • Go to offer page
  • Fill up the form.
  • Submit That Details & Eligible for The Sample
  • Done.

18. Get Free Knorr Soup Free Sample 

  • Go to offer page.
  • Scroll down the page and click on food sample banner.
  • Enter all the details like full name, mobile number, email id etc.
  • Place order.

19. Get Free Demo of Kent Water Purifier

Go to Kent offer page.
Enter your details.
click on I have read terms & conditions.
click on next, and then you will recieve a call for a free demo.

20. Get Free Sample of Flip Flop Slippers

  • Go to Qualigifts offer page.
  • Fill the form with correct information.
  • You can receive a free sample once per account.

21. Get Free Bitdefender Antivirus:

  • Go to Bitdefender offer page.
  • Fill up the captcha and enter your email id.
  • After that, you will recieve a mail.
  • Open the email and click on Install Bitdefender.
  • Done; you don’t need to activate this antivirus.

22.  Get Free Mcafee Internet Security

  • Go to mcafee offer page.
  • Fill the form up.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Get Mcafee internet security for free.

Hope you all like all the free samples.

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